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Advanced Relationship Strategies for Singles

Welcome! If you are committed to creating an enduring love relationship and are now willing to invest some of your time and energy to do so, you are ready to start Dating Boot Camp. 

This online program is designed for adults of any age who find themselves single but would prefer to be partnered. The Dating Boot Camp series of four workshops provides crucial information about dating, relationships, networking, and getting really clear about who you are and who you are looking for at this point in your life.

More than 80% of reviewers were EXTREMELY LIKELY to recommend the workshop series.

Moving from Dating Failures to Successful Relationships

Dating failures most often stem from lack of knowledge. Dating singles simply don’t have the information they need to date with success.

Sometimes, their instincts are right. But, because their instincts run counter to what’s being promoted in popular culture and social media, they don’t know whether to trust those instincts. As a result, they waffle back and forth, making mistakes, getting hurt, and being disappointed.

The two most common mistakes dating singles make are going too fast too soon or trying to make a relationship work with someone who is not right for them. Dating Boot Camp is designed to avoid both of those mistakes.
Moving from Dating Failures to Successful Relationships

Helping Singles Get Relationship-Ready

Dating Boot Camp helps participants get really clear about who they are and whom they are looking for. Participants are encouraged to become discerning about whom they choose to date, increasing the chances that they will find their Mr. or Ms. Right.

About Dating Boot Camp

Online | At Your Own Pace | Convenient

Amy Owens has been coaching singles in Indianapolis regarding their dating relationships through her successful Dating Boot Camp workshops.

"The information in this course," Amy says "saves participants time, money, and heartache on their way to finding their Mr. or Ms. Right."

Nearly 25 years later, she is excited to offer this time-tested singles program as an online Dating Boot Camp course.

Dating Boot Camp is a series of four 3-hour online workshops which provide current and crucial information about the rules of engagement for today's dating singles.

Participants may access the online course from anywhere and complete the course when it is convenient. Because their progress is tracked, participants may return and pick up where they left off. Course access does not expire, allowing participants to return to review key topics and areas.

Amy Owens
The Singles Coach

Amy Owens is your workshop leader and creator of the Dating Boot Camp series.

Amy Owens holds a Master’s Degree in Counseling and has 20 years experience as a counselor, singles coach, and matchmaker.

Amy Owens is an experienced and trusted guide for singles who are serious about finding life mates. She brings to her work a rich blend of personal experience and professional training.
Amy Owens <br></br>The Singles Coach

What People Are Saying

About Dating Boot Camp

  • "I have been able to take these lessons and put them into action! Very useful!!"

    “This is an excellent program for someone who has been out of the dating scene for a long time. The information is extremely useful.”

    “I’ve learned to be more discerning when it comes to choosing dating partners.”

  • “I now know exactly what I want in a life partner now. Before this class, I wasn’t really sure – I thought I knew but really didn’t.”

    “I would recommend this workshop to everyone looking for a life partner. It’s a great way to stay focused on the right things.”

    "I now feel empowered to set a comfortable pace toward true intimacy."

  • "Being an introvert, I enjoyed this online workshop. I liked being able to go back and review a section and reflect back in it. I think I have more confidence now to start dating."

    ​​“I learned that I don’t have to go out with someone just because they ask me. I can have the type of person and the type of relationship I really want. I don’t have to settle.”

    "I genuinely felt as if I was part of a live class - engaging with good interaction."

Dating Boot Camp Features

  • Four 3-hour online workshops

  • Each workshop is designed as a stand-alone unit and may be taken in any order

  • Your progress is tracked for you - so you can pick up where you left off

  • Enjoy lifetime access to the workshop — return anytime to refresh your knowledge on key topics and areas

  • Access the course through your desktop, tablet, or phone

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Now avilable online - Dating Boot Camp Workshop #1: Pacing Your Relationship for Success; Honoring Boundaries; and Creating Intimacy.

If you are committed to creating an enduring love relationship and are now willing to invest some of your time, energy, and money to do so, you are ready to begin Dating Boot Camp!
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